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Reliable solutions with great benefits Is the tratment safe for kids and pets?

Are rodents giving you sleepless nights?

Not to worry, we're here to assist. Ridding your home of rodents  is mandatory crucuial. Rodents not only breed fast but can also cause extensive damage to your furniture and priceless belongings in the long run. They can be a medium for spreading dangerous diseases if they are left to dwell in your house unchecked. Give us a call right away so that we can address all your rodent concerns quickly and easily for a price you'll simply love.  Call us now!

Is the treatment safe for kids and pets?

At Al's Pest Control, we offer solutions that are completely safe, non-toxic and fume-free. We incorporate organic products that are fully tested for maximum results. That's not all; we'll locate any rodent nests and eliminate them from your property. Rely on us for your complete peace of mind.

Worried about

losing your priceless belongings to rodents in your house? Get rid of them right away. Call us now!


Reliable solutions with great benefits

  • 34 years in business

  • Experienced and reliable services

  • Quick and affordable solutions

  • Treatments that are toxic free and fully organic

  • Emergency services (available on Sundays)

  • Warranty for all our solutions

Ready staff for your urgent needs

We pride ourselves in having over 34 years of extensive experience in eradicating pests using safe and effective methods. That's not all; we are quick, equipped, and ready when you require our emergency services. We also offer a warranty for our services. Call our friendly staff to learn more.

Get excellent services that are warrantied, quick, affordable and reliable.

Mice with cheese Ready Staff for your urgent needs